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Kelly Ketcheson
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About Kelly Ketcheson
Kelly completed his BFA (USask) in 1991. He has been creating art for most of his life with a resurgence in painting in 2009.

Kelly Ketcheson lives in Victoria, British Columbia. 
I started drawing and painting at an early age, two or three I think. My mother had stick figure drawings of cops and robbers chasing each other. I guess I was just drawn to it. After completing a Fine Arts degree in Saskatchewan, I moved to the beautiful coast of BC where I draw all of my inspiration from. I like to think that now, I try and embrace and capture the spirit of the West Coast in my paintings. I prefer to focus on intensity of color and the way light strikes my subjects. I love the ability to become completely absorbed in the art making process and to see the painting evolve in front of me. I paint now mostly with acrylics although love watercolours and the vibrancy of oil paint. 
Having lived on the west coast for twenty eight years I feel an integration with its character, and it has become a vehicle for my artistic expression. I believe that through the familiar sketches of life I create a bond with viewers which allows me to converse with them on an aesthetic level. I paint in a way to express my involvement with the subject. I simplify it, distort the forms and perspectives, enhance the expressive value of colour and create a rhythm that animates the scene. In this way I hope to develop a visual language that conveys my sense of wonder and materialized the spirit of what I feel. My style is  unique, but that’s the beauty of art. Anyone can find something that they like if they look hard enough. :)

"I love the west coast and all it has to offer. My paintings reflect that."
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